She sat peering out of her bedroom window. Sheets of rain poured from the gloomy sky. Her heart was, undoubtedly, as heavy as the clouds that released the steady flow of showers. She reached for her phone with the hope of finding him. She hoped for one word from her love but she found nothing and her heart sank deeper into despair. Her days and nights were lonely in the absence of his energy, perhaps destiny was finally fulfilled and their separation was the only inevitable truth of their relationship.

She refused to phone him for weeks following their last encounter. Anger drove her to release any desire to contact him. Daily she replayed the devastation of their last moment over and over in her mind. She wished for things to be different between their married hearts. She wished to never have to deal with the absence of his love. As her emotions settled she wanted him more than she had before their separation. He ignored her attempts to contact him, once she decided to come back, and nothing she said comforted the neglect and pain that he felt.
She sat peering out of her window, sheets of rain poured from the sky as tears streamed down her face. If their departure was inevitable, why had she failed to move forward.

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