They moved forward. They watched. They waited. They hoped. She dreamed. He thwarted. They moved forward. Destiny had fulfilled what was meant for their union. They had no place to look forward to in the future. Long walks, sweet conversations, reality checks initiated by moments of escapes were their achievements. Desperate longings, conditioned standards, dreadful goodbyes filled with doubt and shame were their failures. There was no real light at the end of their cave of darkness, no glow of false hope for them to gravitate towards. It was just their truths and realization and very little room to look back. There would always be the silhouette of the one who understood the depths of what others simply overlooked, but who were they to selfishly insist that Destiny revisit the trivial conditions of their minds and hearts. Who were they to not accept the work of destiny. For she had done her part in ceasing the inevitable anguish that they once readily inflicted on one another each time they decided to become closer and he put forward no protest against the inevitable destiny that the two shared.

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